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Pens and notebooks

I have a recurring pattern: when I recommit to the writing life, I buy new pens and notebooks.

I tell myself that to be a writer, I need the right tools. That without the right tools I cannot write. That I cannot write until I have the right tools. 

I’m in a pens and notebooks phase right now—the blogging version. The Zero to Hero project has focused my attention on widgets and themes and Facebook Pages—all good, all part of gathering an audience.

But without writing, why bother gathering an audience?

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to leave three comments on blogs I enjoy. And I’ll do that later, while Willa’s napping. But now, while I’m finishing my breakfast, and Willa’s watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, it feels good to write.

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We’re in a stretch with Zero to Hero where the tasks don’t generate posts. If you look closely, you’ll see a few changes here—a shorter “About” page (with more coming), links moved to their own page, new widgets, the new Yoko theme, etc. Lots of growing and learning growing happening behind the scenes!

Again, many thanks to Christine Slocum for her leadership.

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Zero to Hero, Days 6 &7: New and Improved

Compiling The Interdependent Web makes my Thursdays busy, so yesterday’s Zero to Hero post didn’t get written. Here are the assignments for yesterday and today.

Day 6 assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

As I wrote earlier, I need a haircut. A poll is a new-to-me element, so I think I’ll have you help me decide what to tell my hair stylist!

I’ve also been thinking about coloring my hair. Sometimes it’s a craving for a wild color—a streak of red, green, purple, etc. Other times I just want to cover the gray, so I don’t look like Willa’s grandmother. I’m not great at maintenance, so maybe subtle highlights are the way to go.

Thanks for your advice!

Day 7 assignment: create and upload a simple header, or test out a few different backgrounds.

When I changed the theme to Yoko, I chose a placeholder photo, but it didn’t feel just right. Yes, I love McCarthy, where the photo was taken—and where I participated in a very helpful writing workshop. But the photo of airplanes is more about Liesl than it is about me, and this is my blog.

Here’s the placeholder image:


After a tour through iPhoto, I chose the image you see now in the header. It’s what Girdwood often looks like.

This world. This place. This life.