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Zero to Hero, Day 13: Blogroll


Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to build a better blogroll. I did some of that when I played with widgets and themes. The new theme’s right columns looked really cluttered (still does, a bit), so I created a page, just for links. I also trimmed the links list down to size.

The big news is that I’m thinking about creating a guide to UU blogs; my Feedly list of UU blogs is nearing 400, and people often ask who I follow.

The great Philocrites used to maintain a Guide to Unitarian Universalist Blogs, and UUpdates is a great place to follow most of the UU blogosphere. I’m hoping to recreate something like Philocrites’ list—clustered into types of blogs, with a short description of each one.

Don’t hold your breath, though. Most of my writing these days happens while Willa naps, or late at night.

7 thoughts on “Zero to Hero, Day 13: Blogroll

  1. I suggest you link to your links page in this post, and also put it somewhere in that right sidebar, cluttered though you think it. I looked and looked, and only found it up there under “about” by accident.

    • Good suggestion. I think I thought about doing that, but it breezed right through. I can change the relationship between the pages, too—give Links its own place next to About, rather than About being the parent.

    • If I do create the Guide to UU Blogs, it will have its own page—separate from the Links page. And I think I’ll give it some kind of splashy thing in the right sidebar, if I can figure out how to create a splashy thing.

  2. And in a totally unrelated rant, I just want to say that I hate how WordPress is private-gardenizing itself with its defaults for posting comments. Or maybe they’re tracking my online movement with cookies. Or whatever. I just wish I could put in my email address and name on more blogs without signing in, or signing out and then signing in, to some account or other. /end rant (Thank you for listening. 😀 )

    • Oh, I like that if I’m signed into WP I don’t have to sign in to comment. But I’m always glad to listen to your rants. It’s unentertaining rants that I have trouble with. 😉

  3. The whole blogroll issue is a tough one. Should it be on the sidebar? If it is, it clutters up the front page, and tends to draw your readers away from your content. So for a while I took my blogroll off my front page. But then hardly anyone looked at my links page. So now I have a big links page, and a shorter blogroll in which I try to feature blogs I read regularly, newer blogs, and some of the blogs that I read regularly. Now my front page looks cluttered again, but I feel like I’m promoting a wider online community. And I’ll probably change my approach again later this year…

    Oh, and for what it’s worth — I’m with Kenneth on how WordPress private-gardenizes comments. Not a big deal, but — yeah, I’m with Kenneth.

    • I don’t spend as much time commenting and responding to comments as I should. Every once in a while Kenneth will mention something about interesting comments on a post in the Interdependent Web, and it will remind me that I need to pay attention to how much buzz a post is generating, and not just to how much I like a post. 😉

      I wonder if there’s a generational thing here–not in terms of actual age, but our history with online community.

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