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Pens and notebooks


I have a recurring pattern: when I recommit to the writing life, I buy new pens and notebooks.

I tell myself that to be a writer, I need the right tools. That without the right tools I cannot write. That I cannot write until I have the right tools. 

I’m in a pens and notebooks phase right now—the blogging version. The Zero to Hero project has focused my attention on widgets and themes and Facebook Pages—all good, all part of gathering an audience.

But without writing, why bother gathering an audience?

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to leave three comments on blogs I enjoy. And I’ll do that later, while Willa’s napping. But now, while I’m finishing my breakfast, and Willa’s watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, it feels good to write.

2 thoughts on “Pens and notebooks

  1. I love good pens. They are an addiction. I especially believe I need a new fountain pen.

    And count yourself lucky – at least you haven’t slipped into collecting antique typewriters.

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