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The Church of Vitamix


willa likes itA few weeks ago a new Vitamix (well, refurbished) arrived here via UPS. I bought it primarily to make baby food for our Willa, who’s just starting on solids.

It’s amazing. A different class than any other blending appliance I have.

I wish every baby-food-making parent could have one. But they’re expensive (my refurbished one was more than $400).

And that’s where the idea came from. What if a church bought one, and invited new parents to prep their food there? As a stand-alone mission—or as part of a larger ministry to parents of infants?


5 thoughts on “The Church of Vitamix

  1. I think it’s a great idea! In the early days of the internet, when it was becoming apparent that access was important and was a justice issue, I thought that my Quaker meeting should set up one or more public access terminals. (Now, of course, most every library does this.) Sure it would have been a lot of work, just as providing access to a Vitamix would be. But what a difference it could make in a family’s life.

  2. Sounds great! And truly American. Plimoth Plantation has communal ovens, although individual homes have fires. One miserable Thanksgiving morn as I chatted with a reenactor, another came in shouting, “They’ve got the ovens lit! They’ve got the ovens lit! Come, we can bake our bread!” And my reenactor announced she would be leaving.

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