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Zero to Hero, Day Five: Love Your Theme

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Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

This task is both fun and difficult.

I love clicking “preview” on a theme, and watching my blog transform. It’s a chance to play with possibility, to stretch, to imagine—without any real investment.

I didn’t really plan to change anything.

I like my theme. I worked hard at it—a while ago. The header is a photo Liesl took on a whale-watching boat tour. I like the green accent color.

It’s comfortable. I don’t feel like changing it. Particularly since Liesl and I are looking at big changes—changes that might mean a new blog. New context, new blog.

But maybe I need to do just what I don’t want to do. Just what I don’t feel like doing.

For the past few months I’ve needed a haircut. I feel so much better when my hair’s freshly trimmed, but I haven’t made time. Inertia. Well, and mamahood.

But what a boost it will give me once I find the energy and get it done. And I’ll need that energy for the changes coming our way.

So maybe my blog needs a makeover. Maybe the snipping and trimming and reorganizing that comes with a theme change will give my writing—and my life—a bit of zing.

yokoAs I looked through the theme library, the only one I liked was “Yoko.”

Yoko. Someone who disrupted the comfortable, dared to change what everyone liked, made something new.

Sounds about right.


Photo by Earl McGehee, used under a Creative Commons license


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