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Zero to Hero, Day Three: What’s On Your Mind?

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Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog. 



I started blogging long enough ago that I don’t have a clear picture of what my thinking was then. Here’s my best attempt at a current post, infused with the spirit of that time.

Liesl and I are, quite possibly, the slowest decision-makers on the planet. We’ve thought about and planned for “the life we want” for as long as we’ve been together. We get pieces of the dream here and there—as if we’re apprenticed to it—but the whole eludes us.

What do we want?

  • A piece of land, in a four-season climate (with snow for Nordic skiing in the winter), suitable for a small, sustainable homestead
  • Half-time work for me as the minister of a small UU congregation that would like to grow, in both health and numbers; eventually growing into full-time work when Willa goes to school
  • Full-time work for Liesl, probably in aviation, but not necessarily
  • A good place for Willa to grow up—someplace where she won’t always have to defend her parents, someplace with good-enough schools, someplace with plenty of fresh air and open space for running around

A lot to ask? Maybe. Maybe not. There are places where it’s possible.

We’ve thought for the past few months about taking a road trip—taking the ferry to Bellingham, and driving around for a while. Liesl needs some time to clear her head, we both need some time to think about next steps, and we’d like to visit people.

It’s a plan that Willa makes more complicated. But Willa is the most important reason for us to push to make real our vision for the life we want to live.


When I started blogging, working toward this dream was part of what I wrote about. I’ve stolen the above picture from an earlier post (one that transferred over, I think, from when Nagoonberry was on Blogger). In Brady’s younger days, he and I took herding lessons together—just one piece of our apprenticeship to the dream.

This is what’s on my mind. And it weighs heavy.




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