This world. This place. This life.

A day in the light

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Yesterday I followed the light, with the help of HootSuite.

825: up and out with the dog while the sky’s still black; maybe today I will watch for first light.

913: barest hint of light; I can see the slightly darker outline of the mountain against the sky.

935: the sky has passed through several shades of blue; now I can see bare and evergreen trees beyond the town’s white rooftops, and a raven flying by.

1041: snowy mountains across the Arm dissolve into a gray-white sky; outside, two stories down, neighbors’ deep voices.

1134: A patch of blue sky has emerged between the mountains; now there are two ravens nearby, and a third in the distance.
109: blinding light climbs the ridge; blue sky, cloud-mottled, warm light, happy baby, happy mama.

315: Off to the post office in the dimming light, dragging the dog and a hand truck. Yippee! Pkgs have arrived!

437: The light is mostly gone from a dark denim sky, streaming instead from windows. Time to close blinds, shut curtains.

531: curtains shut, sky long dark, Christmas lights bright against black. Hunker down, cuddle close, welcome night.


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