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Slowing down to listen

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flowersLife has lessons to teach, if we slow down and listen.

I bought a hanging basket a few days ago, and today I spent some time deadheading the white flowers that cascade over the edge.

I set the basket on a table, and began removing dried-up flowers. The more I pulled off, the more I could see. Yes, I thought, that’s how it is. Clear out one layer of a problem, and deeper layers become visible.

I watered the basket, and hung it back up on its hook.

That’s when I saw more shriveled blossoms, hiding on the underside. Yes, I thought, that’s how it is. When you think you’re done, look at the problem from a new perspective. You’ll see there’s more work to do.

I took a photo of the basket with my iPhone, and you’ll see that our Christmas lights are still up. Liesl and I had such a squabble when we were putting them up last fall that we decided that it wasn’t worth it to take them down.

After twelve years together, we’ve learned so much about living with our differences, our strengths and our weaknesses. And we’ve got so much yet to learn. That’s how it is.

I guess we’d better keep on paying attention.


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