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I did it!


In the midst of our in-town errands, Liesl and I voted today. And it was just as fun as voting on Election Day!

The poll workers were very friendly.  The woman monitoring the ballot box thanked each of us for voting—and sounded like she meant it.

We were far from alone.  As we were leaving, Liesl said, “It’s really busy here today!”

I’m glad people are taking their responsibilities as citizens seriously. Every year when I vote, it washes off a little of my generational cynicism.  It feels good.

One of the reasons for my smile in this picture—in addition to the kindness of the poll-worker who volunteered to snap it—was that I had just done my first write-in vote. I voted for one of the smartest, most responsible, most competent people I know.

Liesl wrote in Oscar the Grouch.  Oscar’s her favorite, she says, and Big Bird has become too much of a cliché.

And yes, we both got “I voted” stickers.

So what about you? Have you voted yet?





4 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I voted absentee for the first time ever. It was mail-in (with double envelopes and I had to sign an affidavit on one). We don’t have early voting, per se, in Massachusetts.

  2. Yes, I did absentee voting a couple of weeks ago. Wanted to make sure I got to vote, just in case baby C didn’t feel like accompanying me to the polls!

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