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We gotta lotta snow


Anchorage is three inches from breaking the winter snow record––and here in the Girdwood snow forest we have far more than they do. Alyeska Resort reports 768 inches of snow since October 1.

When I went out to clear off the car this afternoon, the snow in the parking lot around the car came up to my knees––and it was still snowing.


11 thoughts on “We gotta lotta snow

  1. Wow! Now that’s some snowfall. Got sled?

  2. And down here in Illinois, we’re having the warmest winter on record. All of the temperatures in the ten-day forecast are about 20 degrees above normal. Yesterday was almost 30 degrees above normal! Weird weather we’re having.

  3. Wow! Stay warm up there!

  4. C’mon, three more inches! Let’s break that record! If we have to put up with this much snow at least we can get a new record out of it. And then it can all melt away immediately.

  5. i wondered where our snow went…give it back!!

  6. When that stuff melts, tank it up and truck it down here where it can do a world of good!

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