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Use what you’ve got: cardio stairs


Once every few months or so, I get a warning about my too-sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes it’s from the bathroom scale, or a nurse practitioner telling me that my lungs are “deconditioned” (a.k.a., out of shape). Today it was from The New York Times.

But today’s Google Reader also brought me a potential solution: High Intensity Training. The article used an exercise bike as an example, but I don’t have an exercise bike. Even if I wanted to buy one, where would I put it in a 1000-foot condo?

Since we live on the third floor, what I do have is stairs. It takes me about two minutes to walk slowly down the hall, down three flights of stairs, and through the garage to the stairs at the other end of the building. It takes about thirty seconds to run back up the stairs. Three rounds of that equal one six-minute, high intensity workout.

Now the hard part: making it a habit.

(Photo: Cellar Stairs, used under a Creative Commons attribution license)

4 thoughts on “Use what you’ve got: cardio stairs

  1. Start really slow – just halfway down the hallway and back. Each day go a little bit further, adding an equal amount of footsteps? or 10 seconds . Isn’t it 7 times in a row a habit makes? In a month or two you’ll be owning that stairwell. Whoo-hoo!! Rooting for you!!

  2. Thanks for this inspiration. I’ve been ducking out with a 35 minute level walk with Doberwoman. Instead, I might check the tide tables and go down to the beach (84 steps) and back up. The trouble is, there may be a lot of beach exposed, so that my walk might last more than 35 minutes… Well, like I said. I might do this today….

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