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Decaf blogger


A few days ago, my blogging silence prompted an inquiry from Tele over on Hooked.  “You doing okay up there, Heather? Seems like it’s been a while.”

Doing just fine, Tele. Thanks for asking.

Here’s the deal. We’re doing some detox at our house, some serious get-healthy work. I’ve figured out how to cook beans. We’re eating kale and chard. We’re having meat-free meals several times a week.

And I’ve gone completely decaffeinated.

Guess what?  Turns out full-test coffee is an important part of my writing process.  Without it I feel calmer–which was the point of this exercise–but I also feel less driven, less motivated, less focused.

This is most likely a temporary problem, something that will go away once my adrenal system finds its way back to equilibrium.

But in the meantime, I’m not feeling particularly inspired. It doesn’t help that this time of year in Alaska, my chi flows like cold molasses. We get snow about every other day. The sun comes up later every day, and goes down earlier.

I’m at the hangar tonight with Liesl and Brady, writing this post and fetching things for Liesl. I cleaned snow off the horizontal of one of the airplanes outside, so it doesn’t get too tail-heavy. Liesl brought some maintenance books from home, and I stashed them on the bookcase in the back of the hangar.

Brady and I went outside for a while and played snowballs, one of his favorite activities. Now that we’re back inside, he’s running between Liesl and me. Liesl’s more interesting, because she’s vacuuming out one of the airplanes.

And that’s my decaf life. Not terribly exciting, but good anyway.

Thanks again for asking, Tele.




5 thoughts on “Decaf blogger

  1. I’ve gone decaffeinated probably about five times. I admire that you’re getting it to stick! The winters down here are tough for me with the darkness, I can only imagine what it must be like up where you gals are.

    • I switched to decaf when I was in seminary, and didn’t go back to full-test for a long time. The darkness is rough, but it helps that I don’t have a fixed schedule.

  2. Glad to hear that all’s well, Heather – if a bit slower. (More meditative, perhaps?) I’ve been thinking about coffee lately, too… I started holding barista jobs when I was 14, all the way through grad school, but didn’t take up coffee drinking until I was about 29. It’s definitely a big part of my writing ritual now – the excuse to go to a coffee shop to write when I’m too distracted at home – but I could use some of the calm you mentioned. Anyway, thanks for the reassurance and letting us know how you’re doing!

  3. No coffee? Are you still off it? That’s strong medicine Heather, I don’t think I could handle it!

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