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Why do you write?


My Twitter feed has been sprinkled today with people explaining why they write. After a bit of exploration, I discovered that today is the National Day on Writing.

So here’s my answer: I write because a torrent of thoughts surges through my mind. Words on the screen are shiny bits of debris I pluck from the waters as they rage past.

What about you? Why do you write?

7 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. because otherwise I am drowning in thoughts. I write to make sense of them and connect with like-thinkers. And sometimes with unlike-thinkers 🙂

  2. I write because I want to communicate and connect with others, but I don’t know how to talk. I fumble and flounder, get shy, manage to side-step my point entirely, and end up preferring to listen. Listening is still good for getting to know others, but not so great for them getting to know me. I need time to linger over my words, taste them with consideration, before sending them out into the world!

    • So you’re not wordy in person? I used to be much quieter, but in the last few years I’ve gotten really chatty. Glad you’re writing–wouldn’t want to miss “hearing” your voice.

      • Speaking of missing “hearing” someone’s voice… You doing okay up there, Heather? Seems like it’s been a while.

        I hear Southcentral’s bracing for an especially nasty storm late this week. My good thoughts to you and Liesl… Buckle up, and take good care of each other.

  3. I write because if I don’t get my thoughts down on paper/keyboard I’ll go crazy at night when I’m trying to sleep because my head won’t shut up.

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