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Celebrating Ward’s Day

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Liesl started working at Ward’s Aero more than four years ago.  Ward didn’t have dinner at our house until late this past summer, when we instituted “Ward’s Day.”

Ward’s not a planner, and impromptu cooking for guests isn’t a skill I’ve mastered. I need at least a day’s notice before I feel comfortable making dinner for anyone other than Liesl.

We tried to invite Ward for dinner several times, and it just didn’t work out.

But then I had an idea: Ward’s Day.

One day a week––we chose Wednesday––I plan a dinner, and make enough food that Ward can come if he wants to. If he doesn’t, Liesl and I have plenty of leftovers.

He’s been here twice since then, and might come tonight.

We’re having split pea soup with half-grain egg bread, and from-scratch lemon meringue pie for dessert.

It’s win-win-win all around. I get to practice cooking for guests, Ward gets a home-cooked meal he doesn’t have to make for himself, and we all get to spend time together. It’s an important step for Liesl and me, a way for two introverts to stitch together our social network.

What about you?  What practices help you improve the strength of your in-person social connections?


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