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Bloggers among the #uulaity


UU blogger Shannon McMaster looked at his blogroll recently and noticed an imbalance:

There are a lot of Rev. people in that list, and that’s fine. But recently I’ve become aware that the voices I’m missing are the voices like my own–UU laity. So, in the comments leave blog recommendations from UU laity. Or, use the #uulaity hashtag on twitter, and I’ll run a roll here.

My UU folder in Google Reader has 211 blogs in it, so this is a list compiled with one read-through.  It includes a few religious educators, but no seminarians (I think).  For the most part, these are bloggers who post consistently.

Corrections and additions to this list are most welcome. Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Bloggers among the #uulaity

  1. My congregation includes several bloggers, but they’re all blogging on things that are particular interests of theirs — adoption, homeschooling, etc. I think it wouldn’t occur to them to get listed in a UU blog list particularly, because other than the fact that their faith influences their decisions, their blogs aren’t particularly UU-focused. I’m sure there are a ton of bloggers out there like that, but I also don’t know if that’s something someone looking for UU blogs from laity would be interested in, unless their interests overlapped with the main subject of the blog as well.

    • Hmmm. You’ve made me begin to imagine some sort of vehicle for showcasing the work of bloggers who are UU, but don’t write about UUism. What might that look like?

      • Back when I was assembling my Guide to UU Blogs, my rule was that I would include any blog by a UU who openly identified as a UU on the blog, if only very sporadically. (The diaries and politics sections had more of these than others.) What I didn’t include, however, were blogs—even very prominent blogs—whose authors were known to be UU but who never discussed or mentioned Unitarian Universalism. Such a list would be very interesting, but I didn’t have the time to seek out bloggers to find out if they were openly UU, and I didn’t want to disclose someone’s religious affiliation based simply on hearsay.

  2. Hi, Chris! Thanks for linking to your Guide to Blogs–it was certainly my entry-point to the UU blogosphere “lo those many years ago.” 🙂

    I’m fairly sure that most (if not all) of the above blogs are listed in UUpdates (, another excellent source for finding further lay UU bloggers–particularly those who self-identify as UU.

  3. I am a DRE and blog quite regularly as Boston Unitarian. Many thanks for your work and
    blessings, BU

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