This world. This place. This life.

Root Glacier freewrite


I could tell you what I thought I saw:  Sally from Fairbanks, strong, useful legs bending to remove crampons, taking them to a narrow slick of meltwater, using moving silty water to move glacier grit from spikes.

I thought I saw her competence, looking through the lens of self-doubt.

I thought I saw a pioneer woman of a century ago, knowing to care for her tools, using whatever is available.

I thought I saw a woman scoured by Fairbanks’ winters.

But then the rest of the group came down the glacier face, and I heard a raised voice: “Remember to wash your crampons!”


2 thoughts on “Root Glacier freewrite

  1. This sounds like the McCarthy writing workshop! I did that many years ago. Great week camping out in tents and writing in the old hardware store with other writers.

    Love your blog! Glad to have found it.


    • Hi, Susan! Yes–the Wrangell Mountain Center writing workshop in McCarthy. I slept at the Commissioner’s Cabin–a little more bear-proof than the tents. 🙂

      Glad to make this connection with you.

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