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This summer’s Colorado adventure

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Summer has arrived in Alaska.  Three days of spring rain brought out the leaves and brightened the grass, and now it’s summer.

Last Friday I bought flowers for the deck, and this weekend it was so hot that the Brady chose swimming over frisbee.

The weather has made the deck a lovely place to hang out, and wireless technology lets us take our laptops outside.

On Sunday Liesl and I registered for clinics at the No Barriers Summit in Winter Park, Colorado.

No Barriers is a powerful community of modern day pioneers who use the experience of nature to promote innovation, education and assistive technologies that create transformative life experiences and inspire people with challenges to live full and active lives.

It’s a great opportunity to learn about innovations in adaptive technology, but more importantly, it’s a chance to have fun with adventure clinics.

Liesl signed up for on-road handcycling and off-road handcycling, and we signed up for adaptive yoga and fly-fishing together.  While she’s handcycling, I’ll participate in a three-session “trekking” series.

It’s not exactly my comfort zone, but I guess that’s why it’s called an adventure!

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