This world. This place. This life.

Knowledge is power. What are you learning?

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Sometimes I forget how very, very lucky I am.  My life here in Girdwood allows me the freedom to focus on learning new things and developing new skills.

There are five distinct clusters in my self-directed learning:

  • Unitarian Universalism.  Even a casual reader of this blog soon discovers that I have become passionate about Unitarian Universalism, and about the work of ministry within that religious community.  I read blogs, connect on Facebook and Twitter, chair a committee at the Anchorage fellowship and preach the occasional sermon.
  • New/social media.  I have not always been a technophile.  But one of the greatest gifts of this involuntary sabbatical from ministry has been that, at a time when new/social media is changing the world, I have time to pay attention and teach myself how to use it.
  • Sustainable living skills.  I make homemade bread and yogurt.  I cook most of our  meals, mostly from ingredients, not already-prepared, processed products.  I follow farm-blogs, preparing for our future homestead.  Our freezer holds caribou, moose, and Alaska-grown beef (no fish yet!).  I’m learning how to maintain a healthy worm-composting system.
  • Mindfulness and embodiment.  I have always been a dreamer.  In first grade my report card showed a “needs improvement” in “pays attention in class” (the perfectionist in me remembers this).  My mom used to call me her absentminded professor.  As I close the door on the first forty years of my life, I’m making a conscious effort to balance the intuitive with the sensate, and to acknowledge that I am, in fact, an embodied being.
  • Creating order out of chaos.  My life would be easier if it included more external structure.  As an intuitive dreamer in a structure-free setting, I struggle constantly to focus and get things done.  But this freedom also serves as a trial by fire.  The structures I am creating ex nihilo will serve me well–and perhaps other dreamers and chaos-dwellers as well.

So what about you?  What are you learning?  You’re probably much more pressed for time than I am, but what are you learning in the time that you do have?  And how are you using the power your new knowledge gives you?


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