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Thoughts about greener grass

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Six years ago I gathered up  my courage, put my foot on the bottom rail of the fence, and leapt over into the greener pasture of Unitarian Universalism.  It was heaven.  I wanted to lay down in the grass and roll around, savoring its lush greenness.  So I did.

After a while, I discovered it wasn’t all spring green abundance.  There were bare patches. Once in a while I stepped in it, if you know what I mean.

I am still very, very glad to be in the UU pasture.  My heart still dances, energized by the vitality of its people.

But my joy is tempered by awareness of its imperfection.  By acknowledgment that pastures I’ve abandoned provide nourishment to others–and sometimes even to me.  By recognizing that there are pastures I have yet to explore.

In the past few months I’ve met people in the UU pasture who look with longing at the Christian pasture I’ve left behind.  Some know that Christianity is no heaven, but others see only green, only growth, only vitality.

I want to warn them:  “Don’t eat the greener grass!  The fertilizer they use–it’s toxic!”

But that’s not (always) true, either.  There are petrochemical-free Christian pastures.

And so I breathe in, breathe out, plan and write blog posts like this one, and let it be.

I will lie down in UU green pastures, and beside UU waters I will restore my soul.

Some day, maybe, all the fences will come down, and it will all be one pasture, open to all.

Until that day, may all who seek find pastures that feed their hunger, and waters that quench their thirst.

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