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Today will be a joyful day


Today the Presbytery of the Twin Cities ratified Amendment 10A to the Constitution of the PC(USA), opening wide the doors to GLBT candidates for ordination.  Enter, rejoice and come in.  Today is certainly a joyful day.

And yet, my feelings are mixed.  Of course I’m happy that the PC(USA) is moving in the direction of full inclusion.  But it makes me a little sad that this didn’t happen ten year ago, before I met Liesl and walked away from ministry, before the trajectory of my calling took this wild and strange detour.  Life would have been simpler.  I would have a decade more ministerial experience.  I wouldn’t be waiting on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee’s glacial schedule.

But I also wouldn’t have learned everything this detour has taught me.  I wouldn’t have gone to the desert to find the riches of my non-theistic faith.  I wouldn’t have found Unitarian Universalism.  My heretical self would have stayed in the closet (maybe).

Emotions are funny things, aren’t they?  I want to celebrate, but mostly I’m sad.  Grieving losses is a long process.  You never know when a piece of your grief will break loose and rise to the surface, where it can melt in the sunlight.

Thank you, Presbyterians.  Thank you for the way station you were in my life’s journey.  Thank you for helping me move along to where I needed to be.  I’m glad that you have made this choice today, and taken a step forward in your journey as well.

Here’s Lisa Larges from That All May Freely Serve, talking about today’s ratification.


4 thoughts on “Today will be a joyful day

  1. You know I hear and feel you on this one 🙂

  2. A similar joy mixed with sadness from some of my friends in other parts of the country, who also regret that this couldn’t have happened a long time ago.

    Unfortunately Yukon Presbytery is one of the 62 presbyteries which have so far voted “no” on ratification of Amendment 10-A. But I doubt the good folks at Immanuel Presbyterian have given up in changing the minds of other Alaska churches.

    • Hey, Mel. Also sad are those activists who died before seeing this outcome.

      Nevertheless, I wonder if there are any plans for a party. Maybe that would be unseemly. But it would feel really good. What do you think?

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