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Small things: laundry

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I decided last week that I don’t need to measure the laundry detergent into the cap.  I’ve know what the right amount looks like sliding into the dispenser.  I hate all the messy little dribbles down the side of the bottle–and the inevitable drips on the floor.  I imagine the gooey detergent crust that rings the lid represents a fair amount of waste, if you multiply by all of us using the measuring cap.

So I quit.  Now I just pour a quick dash of detergent into the dispenser.  With a front-loading, high-efficiency washer, you don’t need much.

I can’t tell you how much joy it gives me to have a clean lid.  I’m really excited to start a new, crust-free bottle.

Small things add up.  Waste.  Irritation.  Joy.

I prefer to multiply joy.


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