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Something you can do


Do you participate in political polls?  You know, the phone calls that show up as “out of area” and “000-000-0000” on your caller ID?  I do.

They’re more than a little tedious, annoying even.

But when I read about a poll that swings in a direction I like, I feel energized.  And when one swings the other way, I feel discouraged.

So I answer the phone, and respond to each question, hoping that somewhere, somehow, someone who wants the world to “lean forward” will be energized by my tiny contribution.

2 thoughts on “Something you can do

  1. It’s the out of state calls that bother me. There is a lot of money flowing into South Carolina races that we really don’t know from where it’s coming. Groups that support vouchers, for example. (Our disclosure laws are pretty weak.) And because a certain someone stuck her bespectacled nose into our election for governor, we have a train wreck about to happen. Sarah’s candidate has two allegations of adultery and a history of paying her taxes late (someone who supposedly knows how to run a business). And she’s an ideological carbon copy of the current occupant. (You don’t know how nauseating it is to see the “Welcome to South Carolina Mark Sanford, Governor” sign at the border.)

    We are a small state and we have plenty of nutjobs of our own. We don’t need help from outside. Those of us who are tired of our state being ranked last where it should be first, and first where it should be last have a long, hard climb. (Not to mention being fodder for late-night comedy.)

    Peace and smiles…Jim

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if the interdependent web were all puppies & rainbows? Sometimes it’s Sarah supporting the GOP candidate for SC governor, and DeMint supporting the GOP/Tea party candidate for AK senator.

      Democrat Scott McAdams, running for Senate in AK, has a nice slogan: vote your values, not your fears. I find it oddly soothing, grounding, almost mantra-like. Theoretically, it’s a slogan that could work for either side of the aisle: take a deep breath, figure out what you truly believe and value, and vote accordingly.

      My theory is that the “nutjob” candidates are there specifically to short-circuit the brains of progressive voters. We get so frustrated and angry that we can’t think straight enough to put together a sentence, let alone marshall a counter-argument.

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