This world. This place. This life.

Shattered luminosity


Sometimes we are formed by the persistent pressure of water, and sometimes we are cracked open in single moments by earthquakes.

There was a time in my life when I believed in God.  God was luminous, precious, beautiful.  God was the love that saves, the strength that protects, the light that directs.  God was the singular, self-contained, separate Other.

I sought God with all that was in me.  I yearned for God.  I wanted to know God.

I looked for teachers to help me find my way.

I found many teachers, and finally one I trusted more than any other.

I closed my eyes, and opened my heart.  I reached out, and gently held the luminous orb.

Then the door slammed shut.  Literally.

Startled, I dropped the ball of Light, and it shattered.

In the sudden darkness, I thought light was gone forever.

But now I see that light inhabits everything.

The name of the ball of Light was God.

The luminous shards embedded everywhere have no name.





2 thoughts on “Shattered luminosity

  1. Thanks, Gretchen. This is the more serious version of our conversation about the “bearded egg.” 🙂

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