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Medicine, politics and religion–an update

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Today my partner and I went back to the overtly political and religious clinic for the shots she needs for Africa.  Yes, we went back.  Not because we were trying to be particularly righteous.  It was just easier than starting over.

The “Indivisible” booklets were still there–and they had attached one of them to the wall in a prominent place, with a sign posted next to it, inviting people to take one home.

There were other additions as well.  Right next to the front door, and at the check-out counter, there were posters about “Obamacare,” flowcharts that looked a bit like this.

We’re done there now.  My partner will get her follow-up shots somewhere else.   And we’ve learned a lot about choosing doctors–and how we want to be in our own lives.

A few weeks ago I had a chance encounter with one of the doctors in the UU congregation where I’m a member.  Without knowing my story, this doctor said, “I don’t do political signs.  Not at the office, not at my home.  I wouldn’t want any of my patients to feel uncomfortable.”

I said, “Thank you.  Really.  Thank you.”  And I told our story.

It was meaningful for me to hear a doctor take such a principled stance, and it was meaningful for the doctor to hear that patients appreciate such efforts.


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