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A Comment on “The Entrepreneurial Spirit”


UU Minister Amy Zucker Morgenstern wrote this lovely post today about low-key entrepreneurs in Mexico:  The entrepreneurial spirit « Sermons in Stones.

I wanted to reply to her post, but she and her comments section are on sabbatical, so this short post is my comment!

In her post she wrote about prohibitive regulation in California keeping micro-businesses from being feasible.   Here I want to share the good news from Michigan:  Gov. Granholm just signed legislation ensuring that “cottage food operations” with gross annual sales of less than $15,000 will be exempt from many of the state’s regulatory barriers.


2 thoughts on “A Comment on “The Entrepreneurial Spirit”

  1. Thanks for the persistence in responding to me despite the wall of silence on my blog! Two weeks ’til I’m home and dismantle it, and it’ll be fun to chat in the comments section then.

    That is good news. I don’t pretend to know a lot about food regulation, and I’m certainly not against it (as I wrote, life in Mexico involves some unnecessary dangers we’ve largely eliminated through sensible laws), but I used to live in Vermont, which seemed to me to strike a pretty good balance. Cottage industries flourished there, you could buy homemade cookies in the general store, and in my eight years living there I didn’t hear of anyone getting salmonella from a source like that.

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