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What Does My Garden Grow? Slugs.


Warning:  this post is not for the “revere all life” crowd!

The weather in Girdwood has been cool and wet for the past month, and many of us are wondering if the warm weather we had in May was as much summer as we’re going to get this year.

The slugs in my garden love it.  In fact, they’re my plot’s most productive crop.   My blue five-gallon water bucket has become a slug abattoir and morgue.  On each visit to the community garden, I spend time scouring my fifty square feet for slugs, and flinging them toward the water bucket.  Every time I’m there, more slugs have appeared.

Time to find out exactly what slugs are, and how I can encourage them to enjoy some other feast–or suffer the consequences.


2 thoughts on “What Does My Garden Grow? Slugs.

  1. Tuck a couple bottles of beer in the garden. They will be drawn to it and die!

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