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Grateful for Serendipity


Second-Act Aces – Opinionator Blog –

I’m posting this link to Timothy Egan’s column in the NYT today, grateful for the timing of its appearance.

I’ve spent today with six years of paperwork spread out on the massage table that doubles as an extra horizontal surface in our condo.

Six years of correspondence with the UUA’s Ministerial Credentialing Office.  Six years of status reports and required forms.  CPE evaluations.  Psych evals.  Life and vocation examined, and examined again.  A winding road that has begun to feel like a tightly-wound spiral staircase.  Commitment and despair, chasing each other’s tail.

Today was about commitment.  About asking for the help that will propel me forward.  About clarity, and the courage to see in myself the minister everyone else sees.

So I’m thankful for this celebration of second acts.  Here’s to believing that the promise I showed as a young Presbyterian minister will be fulfilled in greater depth and maturity as a 40-something UU minister, and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Grateful for Serendipity

  1. Good timing, indeed! I’ve just decided to get my memoir written about our adventures out here, and I admit that sometimes I feel too old to be successful. But after reading that article, I feel like a youngster!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen you write about becoming a UU minister, but I’ve always thought that your writing sounded like you were. You’re a natural!

    • You’re so sweet. Thank you, Deborah. If you need support & encouragement in the memoir-writing process, I’m certainly willing to provide that in any way I can.

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