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Half-Grain Rhubarb Cake


Last Sunday, halfway during the church service, the aroma of apple crisp began wafting into the sanctuary.  As least I thought it was apple crisp.  When I investigated during coffee hour, I discovered a rhubarb coffee cake, fresh from the oven.

When we were at the house in Eagle River this week, I harvested rhubarb, not really thinking about how I would use it.  A few weeks ago I made Rhuberry Crisp.  But since there were no longer any frozen berries in my freezer, that wasn’t an option.  I thought about just freezing the rhubarb.  Then I remembered to listen to my unconscious mind, which was shouting, “Make the rhubarb cake!”

I found FarmPlate Blog’s recipe for Rhubarb Cake, and liked that it contained whole grains.  The recipe called for white wheat flour, but I used regular whole wheat flour.  Instead of sour cream or buttermilk I used yogurt.  And I don’t think I had the full amount of rhubarb.

Despite the substitutions–or maybe because of them–it was delicious.  I’m sending it off to the hangar today where skinnier people than me can enjoy it.  Next time I’ll cut the recipe in half, and make it in a square pan.  I’ll also use more rhubarb, and less cinnamon sugar topping.  And if I don’t have rhubarb, maybe I’ll try raspberries.

2 thoughts on “Half-Grain Rhubarb Cake

  1. I LOVE rhubarb! The cake looks wonderful. Yum!

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