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Seeds Fall in My Mind

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Last week, the Rev. Christine Robinson of iMinister wrote about a movie she’d seen a few years ago, Into the Great Silence.  She used the film’s story as a metaphor for exploring the thirtieth anniversary of her ordination.

Two things about her post caught my attention.

  • I was glad to hear that someone can say, after thirty years in the messy business of ministry, that it has been worth it.
  • I recognized in the post something about a writer’s need to capture experience.

Something happens, and writers hear, “I have to write about that!”  We make a mental note–or, if we’re really good, we actually write it down.  If we’ve cultivated a practice of writing, the note might actually turn into a blog post, essay, poem, or even a novel.

But sometimes the process is much less direct.  Sometimes we experience something without knowing we will want to write about it.  It is only and after years of thinking and talking about it that we finally hear the words, “I have to write about that!”

Seeds fall in our minds, and some germinate quickly.  Others need several winters before they send up their first green shoots.


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