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Awake in Alaska


Getting a good night’s sleep is a complicated matter here in the land of the midnight sun.

We have room-darkening curtains on our bedroom window.  We use small dosages of melatonin on a regular basis, and over-the-counter sleeping pills (usually Unisom) less frequently.  And we’ve been here long enough that we’re getting used to the rhythms of the seasons.

For the past few weeks, however, we’ve fallen into the habit of going to bed quite late, and then sleeping late into the morning.  That pushed my partner’s workday later into the evening, and the cycle kept repeating itself.

Last night we decided to drag our sleep schedule back a bit toward “normal.”  We went to bed early, and both took melatonin.

At about 3:30 a.m., the melatonin began to backfire in my brain.  My thoughts began to spin like a top, and I couldn’t find the off button.  It was hot in the bedroom–a side-effect of the room-darkening curtains.

So I got up and played with Facebook until I felt more tired, but when I got back to bed Brady decided he wanted to be awake.  I listened to him grumbling in his crate for a while, and finally got back up and took him outside.

I was hungry, so I had a bowl of Cheerios, and went back to bed–again.

About an hour later, the alarm went off.

The best part about a bad night’s sleep in Alaska?  Tonight I’ll sleep really well.


2 thoughts on “Awake in Alaska

  1. That would be difficult for me to get used to. If it’s light out, I cannot sleep. I suppose I would reach a sort of rhythm if I was there long enough, but I would probably go over the edge from sleep deprivation before I reached a rhythm! How long have you and your partner been in Alaska?

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