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I Will Never Be This Cool


No matter how many tie-dyed t-shirts I own, I will probably never be the kind of person who’s free enough to enjoy my morning coffee while sunbathing on the roof with friends.

It’s a banner day when I remember to take the laptop out on the deck, and blog from the comfort of our Adirondack chair.

I just got home from meeting with someone who told me, “I can’t make myself sit inside in front of the computer.”  I told her, “I have to work really hard to make myself go outside!”

My meeting was with the woman who organizes Girdwood’s community garden, making arrangements to have a plot this summer.  Like my responsibility to our dog, my commitment to that patch of earth will help drag me off the couch and into the precious few months of Alaskan summer.


5 thoughts on “I Will Never Be This Cool

  1. Funny, I have the same problem getting myself out the door. Once I’m out, though, I can stay out all day. Maybe it’s a habit formed of long winters (our being hardly as long as yours!) Or maybe that’s just a reason/excuse! ;o)

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