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A Conversation about Boycotts


What I meant to say in my last post is that the Unitarian Universalist Association is currently considering a boycott.  The 2012 UUA General Assembly is scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona.  Most lefties, and even a few libertarian conservatives, are outraged about Arizona’s recent “Show me your papers” legislation.  Changing the location of GA 2012 would be a way of protesting the legislation.

UUs are lining up on both sides of the boycott issue.  Some favor staying with Phoenix, and using our presence there to engage in conversation with the Phoenix community.  Others are firmly in favor of the boycott.  The UU blogosphere is weighing in on the topic.

As you might guess from my last post, it makes sense to me to stay with Phoenix, and to engage in conversation and witness while there.  This year’s General Assembly will be asked to approve the board’s decision to boycott, and since I’ll be attending GA this year as a delegate, I’ll have a chance to vote on the issue.  I look forward to hearing the debate in person.


2 thoughts on “A Conversation about Boycotts

  1. Don’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned that I’m a UU, but I haven’t heard about this yet. It is a very tough decision. The knee-jerk reaction would be to cancel the Arizona convention, but it’s not that simple. I wish I could be there to hear the arguments on both sides. And of course, things will be different in two years, so this seems more of a symbolic decision that will have more effect today than in two years. If it’s repealed, this will all just be a distant memory in two years during the GA. Only the court can repeal it though, and they usually seem unmoved by actions like boycotts.

    • Glad to meet another UU! Especially a farmer-UU!

      The financial costs of pulling out of Phoenix are a big factor, too. It seems cavalier to me to just say that congregations will absorb the cost of the change in venue.

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