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Farmers’ Market in a Box


Yesterday was Full Circle Farm day.  Full Circle began as a CSA, but has changed from that model to one that’s more like a farmers’ market.  Fruits and vegetables come, not just from their farm in Carnation, Washington, but also from partner farms in Washington, the Pacific Northwest and California, and beyond.

Full Circle is controversial among sustainable foodies in Alaska, but it works for us.  My partner is allergic to lettuce, and we like that FCF gives us the flexibility to choose something else.  I like the variety of things that come in the box, because left to my own devices in the grocery store, I buy the same two or three things, over and over again.  And I like that it’s all organic, freeing me up from agonizing over each choice at Fred Meyer.

My FCF box arrives at Girdwood Chapel by 3 p.m., every other Wednesday.  Girdwood Chapel is also the host for the Girdwood Community Garden, where I plan to tend a plot this summer.

We leave last week’s boxes on the front porch, and head inside the chapel for this week’s goodness!


2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market in a Box

  1. I love my csa. you buy a small, medium or large basket and each week go to the farm and fill your basket with your choice of what’s available. best of all…..I’ve learned to love my greens!!!

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