This world. This place. This life.

We Are that Hopey-Changey Thing


Anyone disappointed by Obama has either forgotten, or never understood in the first place, the core message of his campaign.

“I’m asking you to believe,” Obama said during the campaign, “not in the change I can bring to Washington, but in the change you can bring to Washington.”

Hopes for a better world are realized, and change for the good happens, when each one of us does the best that we can, right where we are.

It is not about the power of the One, leading the many in a single direction.

It is about the energy of the Many, swarming and surging, a beehive, a wave of water molecules rushing to the shore, unity through community and consensus.

And the actions of any one of us changes the whole.

It matters what I do, and what you do, and what your neighbors do.

It matters, not for any political agenda, right or left.

It matters to the people in our world who really need hope, and who really need change.

People so hurt and disappointed by life, that they allow themselves only the tiniest smidgeon of hope.

They don’t place their hope in the hands of politicians or preachers.  They’ve heard those promises before.

They offer their tiny treasure of hope to the people they meet in daily life.  To their family and friends.  To their c0-workers.  To you.  To me.

Can you see it there, that light in their eyes?  That remnant of a child’s trust?

Look for it.  Be your best, most generous self.  Be part of a hive of hope, and a surging wave of change.


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