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Life at Arm’s Length

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Isn’t it interesting how technology is changing the way we experience life?  More and more people with digital cameras and camera phones, snapping pictures of their lives, which we later share on Flickr, or write about on our blogs, or post to Facebook.  Life at arm’s length, experienced in memory, rather than in the moment.


One thought on “Life at Arm’s Length

  1. I love photography. I used to have a darkroom and particularly appreciated dramatic pictures in black and white. I still like to take pictures and share them, but I’ve become aware of how often I am looking at a gorgeous scene and composing a picture — how is the contrast, would this make an interesting picture, etc. I miss the present. More and more, I take only a few representative pictures or just play with the digital camera to get different effects for fun — but have learned to enjoy the event in the present more often. Bonus: then there are fewer pictures to deal with down the line and I have more time for the present! Of course, I don’t yet have a camera phone, so there’s likely more temptation yet to confront in the future.

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