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I Am Not Invisible


Yesterday afternoon our dog Brady and I went on a short “taking care of business” walk.  Brady decided that the perfect pooping spot was right outside the building.  As I straightened from scooping the poop, a red, full-size pickup stopped next to us. A young guy (30s-40s) got out of the truck.

“Hi,” I said, poop-bag in hand.

“Hi,” he said.  “I just wanted to say that I’ve lived here for three years, and no one picks up their dog’s poop.  But you do, every time.  Thank you.”

You could have blown me over with a feather.  It was a deeply meaningful experience of neighborliness.

Sometimes when you try to do what you think is the right thing, day in and day out, especially something as humbling as picking up after your dog, you feel like no one notices.   You wonder why you bother.

Then someone sees you.  And thanks you.

And it makes you want to keep on keeping on.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not Invisible

  1. I see a lot of poop left on the side streets of Chicago and it’s not pretty 😦 There are unsanitary issues from that as well. So yes, thank YOU for picking up!

  2. Thanks, Marcelle. Big city or small ski town, it’s all about neighborliness. Pick up the poop so your neighbors don’t have to step in it…or thank your neighbors for doing the right thing. Both help reweave the fabric of community.

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