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Lottie + Doof » Pouding Chômeur


Lottie + Doof » Pouding Chômeur.

I was reading a NYT article about Spanish ham (from acorn-eating pigs) and one thing lead to another and I found myself here, with “poor man’s pudding.”  Yum.  Next time I find myself overwhelmed with massive quantities of maple syrup (ha!), I’ll be sure to try this.


2 thoughts on “Lottie + Doof » Pouding Chômeur

  1. We’re almost out of syrup! The local craze has all the local farmers sold out… both my family and my husbands, as well as aunts and uncles who make syrup are out, out, out. I’m treasuring my 2 remaining bottles and waiting til March!

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting! My mom’s from Ontario, and when I was a kid we came home from trips to Canada with gallons of syrup. Never touched the fake stuff. Now that I’m paying lots of $$ at Costco for a relatively small jug, I know how spoiled I was!

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