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Countertop Farm

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For the two main things that I really want in my life, the time is not yet right.  No UU congregation to serve as minister.  No sustainable farmstead to nurture and maintain.  It’s tempting to throw in the towel and say, “Well, if I can’t have everything, then I want nothing.”  It’s difficult to buckle down and take each painstaking step toward UU ministry.  It’s dispiriting to have no plot of land for gardens and goats, no orchard, no beehive, no berry patch, herb garden or flower bed.


One of my Christmas gifts was a plant light, and another was a set of pots, a bag of dirt, and five packets of herb seeds.  A “countertop farm” is beginning to flourish in one corner of the kitchen, just enough to sustain hope, enough to soothe January’s terrible longing for green.  I also received a gift certificate for Seeds of Change, and my head is full of plans for a small plot in Girdwood’s community garden this spring (which in AK means June).

It may not feel like it, but there’s plenty I can do now that will prepare me for later.   I’ve already transitioned to making all the bread we eat, and homemade pasta is the next scheduled adventure.  Then from-scratch ice cream.

While we’re not raising it ourselves, I’m looking for ways to source most of our protein sustainably.  No more factory meat.  Need to find and purchase a small freezer, and figure out exactly how much we need.  Buying half a cow is very different than tossing a flat-iron steak in the shopping cart.

There’s plenty to do, and the doing of it will take me from here, to there.

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