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Walking to the Library

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The Anchorage library system, including Girdwood’s library, allows its cardholders to reserve books online.  The books are delivered to the member’s library of choice, and an email alert is sent when the books arrive.

An email alert came yesterday, so today I filled my backpack with all the books I wanted to return, hooked Brady up to his leash, and the two of us set off on Hightower Road, across the Alyeska Highway, and down Egloff Drive to retrieve our treasures.

At the library, I carabinered Brady to the bike rack, and went in for my books–and a Playaway (an MP3-format audiobook).  I love the Playaways for times when I know I have boring tasks on my to-do list.  This past summer I went through countless numbers of them while I primed, and primed again, and painted, and painted again in the master bath and bedroom.

Brady hasn’t figured out how to cope with my disappearance into Girdwood buildings, so he barked the whole time I was inside.  Until I find a way to teach him to wait quietly, leaving him outside will continue to be a quick-stop option only.

Here are the books that came home with me today:

What a bargain, and good for the environment as well.

And now the best part–it’s time to give them a once over!


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