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GMOs By Any Other Name

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I have been reading Jeffrey Sach’s new book, Commonwealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, and learning a great deal.

But he began talking about “high-yield seeds” and I wondered, “Is he talking about GMOs?” Careful reading–and some follow-up googling–revealed that yes, Sachs does believe in genetic modification of seeds.

I’m not a scientist–just an educated reader. For me it once again comes down to trust. I simply don’t trust Monsanto. Vanity Fair’s recent “Green Issue” had a powerful article that talks more about Monsanto’s record of bad behavior in the past–and its current practice of fear and intimidation. Monsanto has a huge number of Superfund sites in its history. GMOs are legal in this country based on Monsanto-subsidized and/or Monsanto-produced testing. Sound like a safe bet to you?

So what should I think about Jeffrey Sachs? Is he naive? So focused on elimating poverty & hunger that he’s willing to poison the planet (and the people he’s saved from poverty & hunger)? Or worse–has he been wooed by the money Monsanto pours into his pet projects, the Millenium Villages?

I don’t know what to think. But his book is worth reading–with caution, and open eyes.


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