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FW: Full Circle Farm 10/31/07

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This week’s order had some disappointments–also known as learning experiences.

Here’s what was in the box…

Red potatoes. Looked good. Haven’t had them yet–still working on Arctic Organic and Sunset Acres Farm potatoes.

Spaghetti squash. Should be interesting. Have never cooked spaghetti squash before, but lots of folks say they love them. Hope operator error doesn’t get in the way of our enjoyment of it.

Yellow Onion. Had half of this last night with some potatoes and turkey sausage. Seemed sweet and flavorful.

Golden beets (double order). Arctic Organics spoiled me. The golden beets look a bit sad. Perhaps once they’re roasted and peeled…or peeled and roasted.

Jonagold apples. Four apples, a few bruises. My sweetie has just learned about Marzetti’s caramel dip, so I may purchase some to encourage apple consumption.

Stark Crimson pears. They don’t look crimson. Hope they didn’t send Anjou instead.

Garlic. Looks good. My plan is to teach myself how to roast a head of garlic. Unfortunately the wipe-out rate on the foodie learning curve is quite high.

Celery. Nice tops that I’ll probably use in chicken soup.

Braising mix. Forgot to sub this out–I don’t care for braised greens, especially if there’s kale involved.

Red leaf lettuce. A few icky leaves on the outside, and more dirt than I’m used to with Arctic Organics.

Roma tomatoes. Never again. They’re from Mexico, and at least two of them don’t look very good.

Cremini mushrooms. I’ll do something with these tonight, I think. Maybe tossed with some pasta.

That’s the scoop. Cranky about other things today, so some of the negativity may be bleeding over into my thoughts about FCF.


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