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FCF: First Box Evaluation

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My second box from Full Circle Farm arrives next Tuesday. I’m on the every-other-week plan, which feels about right for the two of us.

Here’s how I did with the first box.

The scallions are languishing in the crisper.

As are the beets. Perhaps they will join with their golden cousins (arriving in Tuesday’s box) in a lovely roasted beet salad. Thank goodness for sturdy, patient root vegetables.

I still have a backlog of carrots from Arctic Organics, despite having discovered a delicious method for making glazed carrots that both of us really like. So Brady has been the only one to taste the new FCF carrots. He likes them. And he’s a very discriminating dog. Ha!

Garnet yams are apparently only red on the outside. I’m sure they would have been better had I not been such a novice vegetable roaster.

Haven’t had the Valencia oranges yet. I want to make juice out of them and don’t have the right tools yet.

The first D’Anjou pear wasn’t ripe. The second was better. Maybe I’ll have the third later.

I’m not sure that I like Fuyu persimmons. They seem to get sweeter as they get mushier. But there’s still a funny texture to them–kind of stringy.

The broccoli was good. Better than frozen, not as good as Arctic Organics.

The Golden Delicious apples were nice. Good flavor.

Didn’t care for the Asian pears. The grainy texture was almost like sand.

I didn’t like the Japanese eggplant, but then again I don’t like any kind of eggplant.

The lettuce held up remarkably well. They say organic lettuce has to be hardier, because it doesn’t get chemical help fending off pests.

Week One was a good adventure. I’m looking forward to Tuesday!


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