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Full Circle Farm–Initial Impressions

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When a friend started with Full Circle Farms, I asked her how she was liking the produce. She paused, then said, “Well, it’s not as fresh as you’re used to with the Beans…but it’s good.”

I opened my first box of Full Circle Farms yesterday, and understood what she meant. There is a difference between veggies produced forty-five minutes north of here, and those flown in from Seattle (and produced along the West Coast). They look less shiny, somehow, and, well, a bit tired.

That being said, the variety of things packed into my box is both daunting and exhilarating. Everything from persimmons to garnet yams to Valencia oranges!

I tried the Japanese eggplant last night. Didn’t like them, but I think it’s the cook’s fault, not the veggie’s. I really liked that Arctic Organics pushed me to cook unfamiliar vegetables, and I think Full Circle Farms will push me even more. What will I do with the persimmons?!! And how do I know when D’Anjou pears are ripe? And then there are Asian pears, which look more like apples. As my sweetie said, “I didn’t know pears came in any other shape than ‘pear-shaped.’ ”

All in all, I think it will be a good adventure, one that prompts me to be the better person I would like to be.


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