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Carrs Gets with the Program

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I’ve been enjoying my Fred Meyer reusable grocery bags for months now, and grumbling about Carrs lack of such bags–somehow it seemed inappropriate to use FM bags in Carrs.

Yesterday when I stopped in at our remodeling-in-process Eagle River Carrs, there they were! A huge rack of reusable grocery bags, front and center, right there where people might actually see–and buy–them.

Yes, they were packaged in plastic, making it difficult to purchase them and use them on the same day.

Yes, they are missing that helpful plastic insert in the bottom that makes the FM bags sit nicely in the car.

But at least they had them! Last time I saw them, months ago, there were about five of them, located under the counter at the customer service desk. Then they disappeared completely.

I celebrated the arrival of this new bunch of bags by purchasing two of them. Gotta reward the good behavior of whoever put so many of them in so visible a place.


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