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Sharing the Harvest

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One of the joys of participating in Arctic Organics’ CSA this summer has been sharing the overflow with others.

I felt like a real neighbor when I was able to offer watercress and collard greens to my next-door neighbor.

I felt like a philanthropist when I arrived at work with two-gallon bags filled with cauliflower and beets and onions and yes, more greens.

And I felt frugal and deeply connected and like one half of a good friendship when I asked a friend to gather our mail and water our plants while we were out of town–in exchange for our weekly bounty of vegetables. She in turn shared the veggies with her daughter and another of our friends, and it was a great opportunity for her to evaluate the CSA experience before signing up next year (she plans to!).

The online mag Grist has a post this week about single people and CSAs. We’re only two in our family (well, three if you count the dog, Brady, who likes “Lettuce Day”), and while it’s been a challenge to keep up with the harvest, it has definitely been worth the work. It has pushed me to make connections, be generous, be frugal, and be a friend. I’m about to re-learn how to preserve the harvest. It’s a good thing, as Martha would say.

We’ll probably try Full Circle Farm this winter, and it has more flexibility for family size. But I hope to be back with Arctic Organics next summer.


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