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Two Quiche Week

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This Tuesday I was drowning in greens–and that was before I picked up this week’s CSA allotment. On the way home from work I picked up the puppy at daycare, then stopped at Carr’s for milk and dinner. Walking through the dairy aisle I saw them: refridgerated pie crusts. Hmm. Anathema to this farmer’s grandaughter, but perhaps a lifesaver. I could make quiche with all my greens!!!

So Wednesday I made my first quiche–which turned out to be more like a spinach pie. I took every green from Arctic Organics that their info sheets had told me I could treat like spinach, chopped it up, and mounded it in the pie crust, adapted a recipe from the Horn of the Moon cookbook for Spinach and Feta Quiche, and into the oven it went. Tasted good, if a little green-heavy.

Every Friday here at work is potluck lunch, and I didn’t feel like going back to the grocery store. Since I still had greens–thanks to Tuesday’s pick-up–and I had cheese, eggs, milk and the second pie crust from the packet, I decided my contribution would be quiche.

This time the green was kale. I micro-steamed it, layered it with mushrooms and cheese, and poured in the egg/milk mixture. Forty-five minutes later, it was beautiful. Sorry, no photos. Not that organized yet.

As I was assembling the quiche, I was thinking about what a great metaphor it was for my green philosophy–something like “be as green as you can be, one step at a time.” Here’s an ingredient list:

Pie Crust–storebought, not organic, not local
Kale–local, unofficially organic
Mushrooms–canned, storebought, not organic, not local
Monterey Jack cheese–“O” brand (“big” organic), not local
Milk–organic, not local
Buttermilk–not organic, not local
Spices–not organic, not local
Garlic–bottled, not organic, not local
Onion–dried, not organic, not local


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