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Shopping Bags at Fred Meyer

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A few weeks ago as I walked out of the Eagle River Fred Meyer, I noticed a display of black, reusable shopping bags, marked “99 cents.” I thought, “That’s a great place for them–where people will see them after their purchases have already been loaded into plastic bags.”

On the next trip, they had gotten smart and given each cashier a stash of them. I purchased 3, and was very pleased with them. They’re surprisingly roomy, and have a plastic insert that makes their flat bottoms quite sturdy. A shopping cart that would have been loaded into 10-12 plastic bags fit nicely into my three new reusable bags. And as an added bonus, FM refunds five cents for each reusable bag you use (or they’re supposed to, provided that your cashier remembers).

Carrs-Safeway, on the other hand, has yet to get their act together on this. On one shopping trip, a cashier told me, after much thought, that she thought they had something like that in aisle 12. On another trip I asked three employees, none of whom had any idea what I was talking about.


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